Finally I can publish my winning pieces !!!

Back from the finals in the International Framing Competition with a few more ribbons - what can I say.
(They hang now ribbon from my ears.)

Conclusion: We are the FUN and a bit  accomplished FRAMNG DESIGN STORE
in Cedar Park
Pink is for participation in the finals - everyone received that one.
Blue was first in the Central Texas pre-qualifications last fall.
Orange was the special award for (?) Hwo I used and stacked framing material. There are 4 frames and one fillet painstakingly interningled with each other to create that depth, you have to see from close.
Red ribbon on Snoopy was 2nd place in the Central Texas competition, which qualified me for pink in the finals

And we have a
SALEon selected frames and art.
We will take care of your moments in time (photos), artworks or personal souvenirs and memorabilia, according to your relation to that particular piece and your taste. We framed from small exotic stamps to 134x78inch Chinese tapestries in museum quality.

Look at your empty wall in your home, which needed “something”. Dig out that one painting from your friend which never got a frame to be hung. And finally, change that ugly frame you never liked and the art would look so much better in a new frame according to your home decor.

Hang Ups - is ready to take on your project.

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